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PowerPlot — Stunning charts for iOS

PowerPlot has become Open Source

After several years of development PowerPlot has become a mature library and has been successfully used in many iOS apps. Still, there are some developments that have not been reflected in development, e.g. the migration to Swift. For this reason, I have decided to make turn PowerPlot fully into an Open Source project and make it available for anyone who finds it useful!

What is PowerPlot?

PowerPlot is a software library for iPhone apps which creates stunning mobile charts for business intelligence and reporting. Using PowerPlot software developers can quickly and easily add charts to an iPhone app. Still, PowerPlot is highly configurable and remarkably flexible which means that it can grow with an existing project.

With PowerPlot animations such as this one can be added with a few lines of code to any iPhone app:

PowerPlot has a wide range of default chart types. This means that it can be used for rapid prototyping and brings about quick results which means lower development cost and quick app software development cycles. Still, it is extraordinarily flexible and can be customized to fit even unconventional requirements and non-standard chart combinations. This means an initial investment in a code base is not wasted.

PowerPlot is a very mature framework, the first public release was on December 1st, 2010. This means that it is one of the best tested and proven chart engines available for the iPhone which offers clients reliability and security. PowerPlot also has a versatile underlying data model that offers manipulations and access in a functional-programming style. Many of these features have been around since the first iPad version running iOS 3.2, thus predating most of Apple's current block-based container functions. The library is well documented with verbose comments in the header files. An example app shows the most common use cases.

Where can I find it

The project is available on github:


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