PowerPlot Has Become Open Source

PowerPlot is a charting and data analysis library for iPhone apps which creates stunning mobile charts for business intelligence and reporting. Using PowerPlot software developers can quickly and easily add charts to an iPhone app. Still, PowerPlot is highly configurable and flexible which means that it can grow with an existing project.

After several years of development PowerPlot has become a mature library and has been successfully used in many iOS apps. Still, I haven’t been working on it and there are things missing that currently don’t have a priority for me. But they should be done if this project is pursued further, e.g. the migration to Swift. For this reason, I have decided to make turn PowerPlot fully into an Open Source project and make it available for anyone who finds it useful!

What Others Say

Overall, powerplot is extraordinarily flexible, and I didn't realize that at first. Thanks so much for the library and all the support.

Scott D., industrial products developer.

With PowerPlot, our team has saved more than a man-month of development time.

Dr. Andreas H., Geschäftsführer.

This is a phenomenal library.

Eric M., iOS developer.

Project on Github

The project is available on github:

The library itself is at nua-schroers/powerplot. The example app is at nua-schroers/powerplot-demo.