From Chore to Choice: Build Automation Done Right

Wolfram Schroers Portrait
Wolfram Schroers
Developer. Author. Speaker.

Hi, I am Wolfram. And I help you with your CI/CD pipelines and build automations.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You don’t know which CI/CD capabilities beyond deploying you should do first.
  • Features built in one place introduce bugs somewhere else.
  • Lots of exceptions are considered for each task.
  • You spend a lot of time extinguishing fires.
  • Your team is big enough, but you struggle to keep up with feature requests and bug fixes.

In the past three decades, I have been developing software. With small teams with merely two developers and large organizations with hundreds of engineers. Many problems look overwhelming at first, but with the right strategy, these issues can be addressed and resolved:
(1) Set up a stable environment that makes release builds reproducible. This uses a Continuous Integration pipeline.
(2) Set up automated tests that make breaking changes visible, and thus reduces the risk. This uses an appropriate test framework and a proven testing strategy.
(3) Refactor your existing code base to make it easier to maintain, and identify “hot spots” that must be addressed first.

Using my experience, I help your team to get the most out of your CI/CD pipeline, and your automated tests. I support you with audits, coaching and development. The goal is to make your releases reproducible, reliable and robust.

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