Same Quality, New Brand

Dr. Wolfram Schroers

Dear valued clients,

For over a decade, it has been my privilege to provide you with bespoke software development services, a journey marked by relentless dedication, dependability, and unyielding quality. I am thrilled to announce that this journey now continues under a fresh brand, a new name but with the same unwavering commitment.

I cordially invite you to visit me at cdr-fn GmbH.

Rest assured, it remains me behind the scenes – your trusted partner in shaping your business and project goals. You can continue to expect the consistent, reliable service that has been my hallmark since day one.

I look forward to embarking on this exciting new chapter with you. Please reach out to me on the new site, and together, let’s create more success stories.

Yours faithfully,

Signature of Wolfram Schroers

Dr. Wolfram Schroers